Downsizing With Your Pet

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When you're thinking of moving there are many things to consider, but you want to make sure to plan for how your beloved pet will handle the move. This article from Penny Martin, a website visitor to this site has lots of useful information. 


Downsizing With Your Beloved Pet


 The house, the yard, the kids, and your career have all gone through major changes over the years. Maybe it is time to make another change by simplifying your life and downsizing. Maintaining a yard and a home at retirement age takes more time, energy, and money that could otherwise be spent on family, friends, and traveling.


Preparing to Move


Your first step is to clear out your house and property to prepare for sale. Give yourself a month beforehand to donate and sell items you no longer need. You will also want to make necessary repairs and updates and clean the home before it goes on the market. Consider getting help from a senior moving service if you are limited in your mobility and do not have family close by to do your heavy lifting. If Fido shows signs of anxiety while you are packing, research shows that playing reggae or soft rock music has a calming effect on dogs.


Begin looking at your new housing options. An experienced Realtor like Linda Weiss will help you find the home you want and need. Even though the kids are no longer home, you still need to think about your pets when relocating. For cat owners, choosing a home or condo will be easier. If you have a dog over 20 pounds, you will have a harder time finding an apartment or condo to rent or buy and may need to downsize to a smaller house instead.


 When considering your pets, think about their new living arrangements. Will Fluffy have windows to sit in or a screened porch to lounge in for fresh air? Does the yard have a fence to keep Fido safe and provide freedom to sniff and play? If you need to install a fence, consider doing it before move-in day. That way, your pup has a place to safely hang out while your belongings are getting unloaded.


 Call the utility company to flag underground utilities in the yard and then call local contractors for quotes. When searching for a local fence company, check out customer reviews and ratings and make sure they are licensed and insured. Depending on the type, size, and location of the fence, you can expect to pay an average of $4,500.


 Making the Move


On moving day, set aside extra blankets, toys, and containers of food and treats for your pet to travel comfortably. If you are traveling a long distance, pack bowls for water during rest stops. Prepare a disposable kitty litter box for the cat. If your pet has travel anxiety, go for short joy rides with treats to create positive experiences in the car before moving day. You may also consider administering a calming supplement before you head out to lessen anxieties.


 If you do hire a senior moving service, use them to unload, unpack and set up your new home. These services can include hooking up electronics, hanging pictures, and mounting TVs. Alleviating these move-in responsibilities will give you time to spend with your pet to provide comfort in your new surroundings.


 Your first night should be a celebration. Treat Fido to a steak or Fluffy to a can of tuna and enjoy your new nest. Simplifying life will free you to travel and participate in activities you have been wanting to do, including spending more time with your family, friends, and beloved pet.



Downsizing With Your Beloved Pet